Healthy Pineapple Banana Ice Cream

If you are looking for how to make healthy pineapple banana ice cream, here is the recipe! And as a secret tip, you can try this recipe with these super easy vegan chocolate chip cookies with no refined sugar!

Icecream is my absolute favorite factor to eat in the summer season (and winter). I sued to eat sugar and dairy overloaded keep bought Icecreams but no that I recognize a way to make my personal creamy, candy, healthy, and dairy and delicate sugar-unfastened “Nicecream”, I can revel in it every day! And as a mystery tip, I endorse you to strive it with these amazing clean vegan chocolate chip cookies with no subtle sugar!

Banana-Pineapple Ice

So all you need is a superb blender and the rest is history. It is likewise a little embarrassing to write down down the recipe due to the fact its miles simply 3 substances and exquisite smooth to make. It’s really just frozen bananas, frozen pineapple chunks, and a bit maple syrup.

Over twenty-5 years ago a store opened up on the Ocean City, New Jersey boardwalk referred to as The Bashful Banana. The shop was opened via a fellow Penn State Nutrition alumni and her husband. The Bashful banana bought smoothies and Banana Whip. Long before Yonana’s started out promoting their machines the Bashful Banana become selling banana whip that they used (and nevertheless use) a juicer to create the ice cream-like wholesome treat.

Easy Healthy Pineapple Banana Ice Cream Recipe

I even have thought approximately buying a Yonanas gadget (associate hyperlink) to make my personal banana whip at domestic, but do I actually need some other appliance taking on the room in my kitchen? I have already got a Vitamix (associate link), blender, meals processor, and smoothie machine possibly all capable of turning frozen fruit right into a creamy “ice cream”.

Pineapple Banana Ice Cream

No count the season, my kids love to consume ice cream. My 6 yr antique has tough time-ingesting maximum fruit. She is pleasant with greens, however, for a few purposes, she can’t take care of the fruit. I have come to learn that it is usually a texture problem for her. She will drink a smoothie with any form of fruit in it, or consume a self-made popsicle with fruit in it, but a simple piece of fruit she struggles with. So combining the vitamins of fruit with the delicious appeal of ice cream is a winner at my house. This homemade pineapple coconut ice cream is clean, clean, and an excellent deal with even if you can’t consume dairy!

Tropical Banana and Pineapple Ice Cream Recipe

My preferred component approximately making self-made ice cream, is how few components you want. This pineapple coconut ice cream has the most effective three ingredients. Frozen pineapple, frozen bananas, and coconut milk. Dairy-free ice cream!!! Plus the cleanup is great rapid due to the fact you only use a meals processor! I’m positive you could make it in a blender, I simply haven’t attempted it. You can purchase fresh pineapple and freeze it, or if it’s miles available I buy the frozen pineapple chunks from Costco. As a facet word – I have a few different recipes with coconut milk on the web page. My favorite brand is the Thai Kitchen emblem. For a few reasons I feel just like the coconut cream separates from the milk higher and this is the element that gives these recipes the virtually creamy texture. Add your elements to a food processor and pulse until they begin to integrate and come to be clean. Turn it on and permit it combo till you get a clean creamy texture.

Banana & Pineapple Healthy Recipe

If you want a more soft-serve texture, serve it up immediately. If you want a more icy formed texture, put it in a container and freeze till it hardens up a bit. This takes about 20-half-hour.

This self-made ice cream is, in reality, yummy on its very own, but I suppose it might also be truly crowned with toasted coconut or homemade hot fudge. Mmmmmm. Definitely a tropical treat but you serve it!


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Healthy Pineapple Banana Ice Cream

Recipe by Teresa K. HuffmanCourse: Healthy Recipes


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If you are looking for how to make healthy pineapple banana ice cream, here is the recipe! And as a secret tip, you can try this recipe with these super easy vegan chocolate chip cookies with no refined sugar!


  • Chunks of one pineapple, frozen

  • 2 big frozen bananas

  • 3 tbsp maple syrup (if the ripe sweet bananas are enough sweet for you, you can leave out the syrup!)

  • Optional: 1 tsp turmeric (for the extra kick!)


  • Put all the ingredients in your blender until creamy and nice
  • Serve and eat right away!

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